Master Certificate Program

Get a Master Certificate in Mobile App Development

This is an intense 2 year program, in which excellence in demanded. All classes are related to the production of  Application Development — there are no filler classes.

Key Features:

  1. We take you through the entire process of App Development.
  2. Learn from instructors actually doing Mobile App Development.
  3. Only core classes are taught (no GE classes).
  4. The cost is 90 to 65% less than other tech schools.
  5. An internships with Ameon Entertainment (6 months) is part of the program.
  6. You can complete 95% of the program online.
  7. If you like the classroom experience, we offer on-site classes.
  8. On-site classes are capped at 15 students.
  9. To graduate, publishing your own Mobile App is required.
  10. We have REAL job placement services by industry professionals.
  11. The entire program is $10, 750.00*

*Prices subject to change

(A portfolio is require to enter this program, if you don’t have a portfolio we offer classes in portfolio development.)

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